Why the cloud is making laptops better

Cloud technology is firmly entrenched in business processes. But the benefits of cloud working are beginning to make an impact in unexpected areas – such as the mobile devices we carry.

Although you’ll probably have heard of Chromebooks in consumer terms, Chromebooks are increasingly cropping up in the business world. And for a host of very good reasons. In this article, we take a look at how and why the move to the cloud is improving the enterprise laptop.

Connectivity is now at the heart of all digital business, and therefore the use of cloud-based applications is much less of a risk than it was even just a few years ago. Connectivity levels have risen across the board in a very short period of time, and with Wi-Fi AX and the imminent arrival of 5G (offering significantly enhanced speed and connectivity), the number of business locations without high-quality wireless data connections is dwindling fast.

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In addition, the value of business data is increasingly recognised, and the benefits of managing enterprise data flow via the cloud is now widely accepted. Business users are increasingly familiar with cloud-based systems and processes as a result, further accelerating adoption.

Chromebooks come of age

Google’s Chrome OS has been specifically designed for mobile users, which means that it’s particularly low-demand in terms of storage. It’s also efficient, only sipping at battery power. This leads to extended battery life, as well as less bloatware around the device itself.

Meanwhile, Google’s ongoing wooing of the business community has been highly successful, with G Suite going head to head with Microsoft’s Office 365. Over 5 million businesses now use its platform, tempted by its compatibility, speed and ease of access.

The result is that Google’s platform has grown up considerably, offering not only a broad suite of enterprise-ready apps and services, but integration with high-profile enterprise collaboration services such as Slack.

Enterprise-level control

Perhaps most importantly, G Suite offers enterprise-level controls as standard, such as a centralised admin policy, fully-compliant encryption standards and enterprise-grade Single Sign ON (SSO). This makes it an attractive package for many enterprises.

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