digital transformation
Underpin your digital transformation strategy with the right IT infrastructure
Digital transformation, the embrace of big data, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and other technological innovations, is all the rage.
Chromebox mini PCs
Explore the many capabilities of Chromebox mini PCs
Find out why Chrome-based mini PCs are the perfect solution for many businesses, education establishments and healthcare practices
Why creating demanding content demands optimum performance
Creating the latest cutting-edge design and video is a demanding task, which is why content creators shouldn’t use any old PC
classroom PCs
Everything that you need to look for in your next classroom PCs
When it’s time for classroom PCs to receive a much-needed upgrade, here is everything that you need to look for to help your students learn
How to get started with school cafeteria digital signage
Technology in education isn’t just limited to the classroom, it is increasingly being used in many areas within modern schools, even in the cafeteria.
conduct marketing surveys
How technology can help you with you conduct marketing surveys
Take your surveys to the next level - find out more about the best technology and software tools to help you conduct marketing surveys
tablets as PoS devices
How using tablets as PoS devices make sense for SMEs
Traditional Point of Sale systems used to be cumbersome beasts whereas tablets as PoS devices makes perfect business sense
event display solution
How to choose the right event display solution
Choosing the right event display solution can be tricky. Do you make do with a single display, or do you need a larger screen? Read on to find out more
Why the cloud is making laptops better
Cloud technology is firmly entrenched in business processes. But the benefits of cloud working are making an impact in areas such as with Chromebook laptops
prevent network bottlenecks
Prevent network bottlenecks and improve your internet connection
Here's how to ensure everyone enjoys a reasonable level of network performance, prevent network bottlenecks, without slowing down other people’s connections