large format displays in cinemas
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Cinema screening with large format displays

A trip to a cinema screening usually conjures the idea of a high definition projector casting the latest blockbuster upon a giant auditorium screen. But movie chains are also deploying large format displays in cinemas within foyers and outside auditoriums that act as both point of sale devices and infotainment and advertising portals.

large format displays in cinemas

Outdoor advertising
In fact, large format displays are often used before you even step foot in the cinema. Using digital signage outdoor display cases, cinema chains including VUE and ODEAN have begun trailing movies and show times outside the buildings on large format digital displays – catching passing audience attention. These can include incentivised offers: such as family ticket deals; day time showing discounts, and member incentives. Calls to action can include information on pre-booking busy screening times and advertising multiplex features such as IMAX and 3D showings.

large format displays in cinemas

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Inside the foyer of mainstream cinemas, ticket offices use large format displays to not only show availability of tickets to showings before customers get to the counter, but also seating options available. This enhances the speed of transaction for staff, reducing queueing times and helping audiences choose what type of ticket and where they want to sit before getting to the transaction terminal.

Box office hit
Increasingly, the traditional ticket office is being supplemented by large format displays and touch screen portals that enable customers to choose showings, select seats and pay and receive tickets. Touch screen devices and NFR payment options are used by both VUE and ODEON in selected venues, again quelling queue times for audiences.

large format displays in cinemas
Confectionary stalls in cinema foyers also benefit from large format digital displays. The restaurant and fast-food trades has embraced digital menu boards wholesale, seeing an increase in up-selling to meal deals and promoted items. In cinemas, deals and offers, as well as standard popcorn and other confectionary items are advertised on digital menu boards, which can be quickly adjusted or scheduled to show particular offers for specific showings and times of the day.

large format displays in cinemas
Screen finder

Larger multiplexes are often cavernous, and instead of members of staff having to direct audiences to each screen, large format digital displays in cinemas can not only advertise the auditorium number and directions to it; but also display film artwork and trailers that make the way-finding process more dynamic. Once at the right screen, the invariable wait for the previous film to finish and the audience to file out can be augmented with digital displays positioned outside the screens entrance. As well as confirming that an audience is in the correct place for their movie of choice, these screens can deliver and up-sell member incentives, show trailers for upcoming releases, and remind audiences of basic cinema etiquette – like turning off mobile phones and not talking through the films – before they take their seats.

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