Chromebox mini PCs
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Explore the many capabilities of Chromebox mini PCs

Find out why Chromebox mini PCs are the perfect solution for many businesses, education establishments and healthcare practices

The days when PCs were big, bulky, beige boxes that took up loads of room are thankfully long gone. With modern mini PCs, you get all the power of a workstation in a much smaller form factor. This makes them ideal for use cases where size, power and even looks are important.

Whether you are operating your business in finance, healthcare or even education, you need powerful, robust and reliable hardware. Devices such as the ASUS Chromebox 3 certainly fit the bill here as they are versatile PC systems that have a multitude of potential uses.

Small, but perfectly formed

For starters, Chrome-based mini PCs are small, measuring a diminutive 148.5 x 148.5 x 40mm. This means that they can be used almost anywhere, even in the smallest of spaces. Consequently, they are not just ideal machines for reception locations, they can also be used effectively in medical consultation rooms where they can be mounted on the rear of screens to keep things tidy.

Chromebox mini PCs

There’s a lot of power inside these smart little boxes, provided by the latest Intel CPUs and a rack of fast memory. Usefully, a device like the ASUS Chromebox 3 also has the capability to run up to two 4K/UHD displays.

Despite the power they provide, these mini PCs systems are also extremely quiet, even when working under heavy loads. They are 36% quieter than the industry average when idle and 46% quieter when under full load. That’s quieter than two people having a conversation, so at least you know that the Chromebox 3 won’t be the one that interrupts you.

Power consumption is lower than the industry average too. A Chromebox 3 uses as much as 80% less power than the industry average for desktop computers. >>Read more

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