VESA-mounted mini PC

5 business uses for a VESA-mounted mini PC

Anyone who has ever had to install a TV onto their living-room wall, or an LCD monitor on to a stand or swingarm, will be familiar with the Flat Display Mounting Interface (FDMI), more commonly known as the VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS), or VESA mount for short.

First introduced in 1997, the VESA MIS now spans a range of seven sizes, each of which has more than one variant, all designed to cover the wide range of TV and monitor sizes that are now on the market. After all, a bracket that is suitable for mounting a 27-inch LCD monitor is not going to be much use for a 55-inch signage display.

However, while the VESA mount is most commonly associated with displays, it can also be used to mount business mini PCs to the rear of LCD monitors and signage displays. This can provide a neat solution that is suited to a number of business applications.

Here are five such business applications of a VESA-mounted mini PC.

The signage PC

Digital signage is so ubiquitous that it’s easy to forget in how many areas of our everyday life we come into contact with it. Whether it is airports, doctor’s waiting rooms, restaurants, shopping centres or just in the office, display signage is everywhere. So, a great way to configure your own signage system is by using a VESA-mounted mini PC. These simply attach to the customised VESA mount and plug into the display connections at the rear of the signage display, making them invisible to the customer.

Depending on your requirements, a low-power fanless mini PC like the ASUS PB40 could be used in this scenario. This minimises power usage and ensures silent operation too, which may be useful for libraries or other locations where people need some peace and quiet.

The Kiosk PC

Where signage displays are great for pushing adverts to customers who may only have a few seconds to scan the information, kiosks are designed to engage with customers in a way that adds value for them and drives additional revenue for you.

For example, a kiosk in a coffee shop could allow customers to order directly and save waiting time, or even deliver customized offers based on facial recognition or by scanning a loyalty card. All your business needs to gets started is a VESA-mountable mini PC and a touch LCD monitor or signage display. >>Read more


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