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8 different and innovative uses for a business tablet

Business on the go

If you’re frequently on the road, meeting existing clients or pitching to new customers, a tablet can make all the difference. Tweak your PowerPoint presentation or digital portfolio directly from your tablet before delivering it – either in person (and don’t forget your mobile projector) or remotely via a video-conference. Pair your tablet with a stylus to jot down digital notes and scribble sketches in meetings, or even capture your client’s signature to seal the deal.

The self-employed can also look to use a tablet to easily track their work time, scan in receipts, update estimates and send invoices to speed up the payment process.

And there’s more…

Tablets play an increasingly crucial role in healthcare too. Instead of referring to a stack of notes or needing to stay close to a workstation, doctors and nurses can instantly access patient records or look up scan results anywhere, helping better monitor and inform those in their care.

Finally, tablets can play a role in education. A model like the ASUS Chromebook CT100 is specifically designed for both learning and teaching, shipping with an included stylus, large screen and plenty of onboard storage to suit both student and teacher alike. The CT100’s rugged construction helps it survive bumps and scratches too.


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