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8 different and innovative uses for a business tablet

There’s a lot to recommend tablets in the business environment, but where can you best insert a business tablet into the workplace? Here are some ideas for you to mull over – and adapt to your own business’ needs

Tablets work like a smartphone, so they are instantly familiar to existing staff and new hires as well as to your clients and customers. They’re more cost-effective than some traditional business solutions too. Tablets acting as mobile Point-of-Sale (PoS) units, for example, are much cheaper than investing in dedicated PoS systems.

Retail and hospitality

One obvious use of tablets in the business sphere is in this PoS sector. By configuring tablets in so-called Kiosk (or single-app) mode, restaurant staff can use them to take orders at tables, instantly sending the details to the kitchen.

There’s potential in the retail and hospitality industry too, where staff can use a business tablet to provide informed, personalised information to help steer a customer towards the right purchase or help develop the perfect itinerary. They can also be used to collect customer feedback via surveys or can be left with customers for self-service. The obvious example here is Argos, but tablets are also being used in the growing number of pop-up retail stores that are starting to appear on our high streets.

Of course, you’ll need a suitable tablet and a good remote management system to lock the devices into Kiosk mode. ASUS’s M Series tablets come preloaded with ASUS’s ADAM remote management tool for that very purpose.

Track the supply chain

Tablets can also play useful roles in logistics. Those working in manufacturing can use them to keep track of an entire production line via real-time video playback. They can also be used to communicate with colleagues and superiors and to perform inventory scans, ensuring that each step of the process is adequately supplied.

Real-time inventory updates can also be useful on the shop floor to keep shelves suitably stocked, or when working in large warehouses that distribute goods. Indeed, a businsess tablet is the perfect tool for those responsible for picking, packing and shipping orders, directing them efficiently at every step to help speed up the process and improve productivity. >>Read more


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