6 reasons why coffee shop owners should use digital signage

Are you still relying on paper menus and chalk specials boards to get your customers’ attention? With digital signs now being adopted by more and more coffee shops and restaurants, and especially with major food chains like McDonalds and Subway now fully embracing the benefits of digital displays for branding, advertising, direct selling and up-to-the-minute menu information, is it worth you investing in your own? Here are six reasons to make the switch to digital:

1. Flexibility

Unless you have a printer on hand and don’t mind replacing the paper menus and signs a few times a day, it’s likely that digital signs will allow you to run your business in a smarter way. The online controls that come with most digital displays mean that menu changes like removing specials that have run out, changing the prices on stock you want to move as the day progresses, or matching menu offerings to the weather outside, are a doddle.

Remember, a moving display is more eye-catching than a static poster, and will allow you to push videos of delicious desserts, special offers or amazing-looking appetisers, in a way that just can’t be done by paper and card displays.

Different display content can also be prepared in advance to go out at different times of the day to match your changing menu or whether it’s sunny or raining. You also have a lot more space to push the individual items you are selling, as half the real estate of the display is not taken up by listings that are irrelevant to that time of day (for example, an unavailable breakfast menu). Asus has the perfect digital displays to match your environment.

So, do you have a cooking technique you want to show off? Are you particularly proud of the way your coffee beans are roasted? Tell people about it on your displays. Ethically sourced produce and rare ingredients, or exotic cooking methods help show off to people why they should recommend this place to others and may encourage sales on some of your more premium products.

2. Convenience

Usually, changes to your digital menu displays can be made at the push of a button. As most digital-sign control systems are managed via ‘the cloud’, you can update your displays from anywhere with an internet connection.

3. Reduced cost

With digital systems, new display content is easy to create incredibly cheaply. The pre-built template-led designs available for most digital sign systems mean that a lot of the creative cost of generating new displays is removed.

Product or price changes no longer mean a completely new print run of posters (or having to employ the even less professional route of going around the café changing it manually with a biro). Nowadays, you can just log on to the system with your phone or laptop and change it instantly over Wi-Fi. >>Read more


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