Why you should use a Chromebox as a VDI thin client

If your business is using a virtualised desktop infrastructure (VDI), now may be the time to switch to use a Chromebox as a VDI thin client This is particularly true if you have older thin client devices that are about to go end of life, and need something to replace them with. Here, we’re looking at the advantages of switching to a Chromebox, such as the ASUS Chromebox.

Use a Chromebox as a VDI thin client – Price

Thanks to the lower hardware requirements and lack of a commercial operating system, Chromeboxes are extremely good value and are often cheaper than comparable thin clients.

As Chromebox computers are compatible with existing PC peripherals and monitors, you can save further by using existing hardware. And, it may make financial sense to move existing desktop computers to thin clients, powered by a Chromebox.

Use a Chromebox as a VDI thin client – Better compatibility

Internally, the Chromebox runs the Chrome Browser and other applications powered by Chrome Extensions. This boosts compatibility with other cloud systems, which can run natively in-browser or via supplied apps.

For example, you may want to run standard web browsing, CRM access and email through the Chromebox’s native applications; when access to Windows applications is required, the Chromebox can access the VDI system.

Importantly, using Chrome OS means that a Chromebox can be redeployed as a desktop replacement outside of your VDI environment should you need to; something a traditional thin client can’t be used for.

Use a Chromebox as a VDI thin client – Simplified management

Chrome OS is built to be secure, with the operating system automatically updating when a user logs in. And, a system called Verified Boot is used, which ensures that the Chromebox is running an authorised version of Chrome OS. This makes Chromebox devices harder to hack than traditional thin clients.

Google now has the Chromebook Management console, which gives IT central management over all devices. Complete control is provided, with the ability to track hardware, pre-install and block apps, and manage user groups and user access.

Using a combination of strong security and powerful central management, Chromebox devices can reduce the burden on your IT team.

Use a Chromebox as a VDI thin client – Going remote

If you want your employees to be able to travel, then the same benefits that make the Chromebox so attractive, also apply to the range of ASUS Chromebooks. However, with a Chromebook, users can also take their computer with them on the move, remotely using apps and accessing your VID infrastructure.

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