Why do you need a business monitor?

It’s easy to overlook your employees’ displays when kitting out their computer setup. Monitors are ten-a-penny, and many come bundled as part of a computer package. But if your staff are expected to spend long hours in front of the display, it makes sound sense to help them maintain their energy levels and protect their vision by investing in a dedicated business monitor. But what should you be looking for?

Reduce eyestrain and running costs

The most important feature of any business monitor is its eye-care capabilities. That means a flicker-free display: look for appropriate certification – ASUS monitors such as the VZ27AQ Eye Care Monitor are certified Flicker-free by TÜV Rheinland, for example.

As the hours progress, and particularly for those working late into the evening, eyes become increasingly tired due to the amount of blue light being emitted by the monitor. The VZ27AQ is just one model to offer a configurable blue light filter, with settings for web browsing, word processing, multimedia and low ambient light.

It goes without saying that a monitor’s green credentials aren’t just good for the environment, but good for your pocket too. Make sure your business monitor is LED backlit, and it’s likely to run on less than 20W of power, with those small individual savings quickly adding up when your company has five or more displays.

Some displays even push things further – the ASUS VK278Q has an AI Light function that automatically adjusts the display’s brightness to compensate for low lighting, for example, which helps reduce power consumption by up to 25%.

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