The key features of large format display signage

Large format display signage is proven to drive customer interactions for retailers, the hospitality marketplace and even food and drink outlets. Yet the number of technical specifications and options available for large format display signage needs to be considered carefully. Depending on a businesses’ customer needs, and its business objectives, understanding the different large format display signage formats and functions available is key to choosing and implementing the right solution.

large format display signage

Instant signage
For most small to medium-sized businesses, an instant signage solution offering an all-in-one, out of the box display, is more than adequate. Here, features to look out for include standards like full HD support and a wide viewing angle – so your content is crystal clear and eye-catching to your customers wherever they are in store.

More importantly, businesses want a fuss-free solution, and for this they need to look out for a display with a built-in media player. The ASUS SD554-YB automatically detects and plays a range of commonly used media file formats, and the embedded media player can read content from a USB storage device, for cable-free playback, eliminating the need for a connection to a PC or other multimedia device. A specialist ASUS dealer can talk to you today about simple plug and play installation of the ASUS SD554-YB and other digital signage solutions.

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Sound choice
For fuss-free digital signage, businesses ought to consider options such as built-in speakers – this means an entire large format display signage solution is housed in a single unit, making it ideal for small businesses and a great, cost-effective solution for retailers looking to install and run digital signage with the minimum of fuss. Talk to our specialist ASUS dealer today about the ASUS SD554-YB which packs multimedia support and built-in twin 7W speakers.

large format display signage

Multidisplay options 
For larger retailers, and businesses who really want to add a wow factor to their large format display signage, commercial digital signage options with narrower bezels and network connectivity are what to look out for. In the digital signage world, size is everything and narrow bezel frames make linking multiple displays together for a larger digital wall, easy. Models such as the ASUS ST558 features ultra-narrow bezels that are less than 5.5mm wide. This enables multi-screen configurations with images free from the distracting jigsaw-like effect caused by wider bezels. A specialist ASUS dealer can talk you through the advantages the ASUS ST558 has over other digital signage offerings when used in a multi-screen configuration.

large format display signage

Connection is key
Larger display options also require more robust connectivity options. Standard RJ45 network connectivity means businesses can run signage content options from networked management. This means content can be controlled, synced and even edited on the fly from a single PC, laptop or server option, with support for real-time messaging. These features are a great way to offer flash discounts and promotions to in-store customers, or react to environmental elements like a change in the weather or seasonal messaging.

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Further connectivity options will help ‘future proof’ your large format display signage, and ensure that no matter what you add to your network, each element will connect with ease. DisplayPort inputs are a new standard that delivers high-bandwidth video-plus-audio on networked cables up to 15m long. This means your business can link separate signage options across a store or other environment, with no degradation in video or audio quality. The ASUS ST467 packs this technology, alongside more common interfaces including HDMI, DVI-D, D-Sub and BNC connectors for ultimate compatibility. Talk to a specialist at ASUS today about the advantages an ultra-narrow video wall solution like the ASUS ST467 can bring to your business.

large format display signage

Around the clock dependence
When running large format displays, businesses require that they perform around the clock so they must have reliable and dependable screens. Digital signage options like the ASUS ST558 display can operate continuously for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, thanks to the industrial-quality LCD display modules it uses. These have a far higher durability than consumer grade panels, and provide greater reliability for uninterrupted content delivery.

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