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5 tips for using digital signage at a show or expo

Trade shows and expos have never been more abundant than they are today. Whatever your vocation or interests, there’s a very good chance that there are shows that cater to you. And with all these shows vying for attention, it’s important that organisers and exhibitors do everything they can to keep attendees engaged, and one of the best ways to do this is via digital signage.

Digital signage at trade shows can be used for way-finding, as information points, attracting potential customers, and for displaying relevant information, such as Twitter feeds, video showreels, and much more!

In this post we bring you a number of tips to help you should you decide to include digital signage as a trade show exhibitor or organiser. Follow this advice, and you’ll be perfectly placed to make the most of your displays.

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1. Offer product demos

Never think that a laptop is going to do an adequate job of presenting your product in the most engaging way to show attendees. You need a bigger screen. This goes for all products, but is most relevant for any digital products. By utilising digital signage and the experienced members of your team, you can draw attendees to your booth by providing product demos and overviews. Companies such as Adobe do a great job of this.


2. Showcase social media

Using a hashtag, or messages sent or shared from your company account, you can pull social messages on to a digital display. And if you showcase these messages on your stand, you will not only draw interest, but also give people a reason to interact with your brand. But there’s a caveat. You must ensure that you are either monitoring what appears on the feed, or using a tool that does this job for you. There are great companies out there, such as AwesomeWall, that provide solution for displaying social media at events.


3. Showcase your clients

At any expo or trade show, there’s a good chance that you won’t be the only company or organisation specialising in your given area. So how do you stand out from the competition? One great way to do this is by using digital signage to showcase your clients, and play on some of their brand awareness to help your message cut through. However, don’t pack the screen with text, and stick to selected quotes and big logos.


4. Invite users to touch

From the phones in our pockets, to the tablets in our bags, to the hybrid devices on our desks, we are all becoming more used to dealing with touch screens on a daily basis. So giving people the opportunity to interact with a screen is a guaranteed way of attracting attention. You can use screens for product demonstrations, testing, gathering user data, gaming, displaying information, and much more.


5. Use cameras

Turning a camera back on expo attendees, in combination with a fully-branded digital display, is a sure fire way to increase engagement and interest around your stand. Give people a reason to interact with your digital signage, and better yet take pictures of it, and there’s a good chance that they will share it on social media. This will usually require the help of a creative agency, but it can be money well spent if it attracts interest and spreads your brand to a broader audience via social media.


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