How large format displays are becoming digital payment kiosks

Digital signage and large format displays are evolving from passive, message-based screen systems to interactive portals catering to specific user requirements such as being digital payment kiosks. This is being enabled through the combination of NFC chips in the displays to make the customer’s shoping experience better.

digital payment kiosks

Fast payment
In particular industries – such as fast food services, confectionary stores and small supermarkets – self-service screens are well established. Yet larger digital signage displays are being deployed in retail areas where the speed and convenience of payment outweighs the cost of the goods. Consumer trust in digital display payments is rising – a recent Signagelive poll suggested 60 per cent of consumers had made a touchscreen purchase within the last 12months – and so turning signage from passive advertising medium to active retail units presents a significant retail opportunity.
digital payment kiosks
Order and collect
Department Store Macey’s in New York has installed digital displays with NFC card reader technology in its homewares and electronics departments. With typically high priced items being ordered, it gives customers the chance to browse and buy immediately, without having to queue and order an item at a check-out. Customers can simply select their item; order and pay for it and collect the item on their way out.

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The up-sell
Check-out free and pre-order payments enable retailers to up-sell goods to customers, too. Take for example, the process of purchasing a new laptop from an electronics store. Much like how online retailers can offer discounts and bundle offerings on peripheral goods such as network storage devices, HDMI and other cables, cases and even printers, physical stores can now do the same. A digital display that incorporates these up-selling stages into its customer journey will help increase the value of purchased goods while educating and providing valuable suggestions to customers.

The technologies
Card readers such as iZettle and SumUp have become commonplace at check-outs, replacing the traditional till. Twinning an app with a card reader doesn’t need staff to trigger the transaction, though – a variety of apps and services enable customers to browse, select and purchase goods directly through large format digital displays.

digital payment kiosks

Digital signage technology provider Alpha Video & Audio offers its MobileHere app  – a system that combines NFC-enabled digital signs and a content management system to deliver changeable information and downloadable content to NFC phone users. Android Pay and Apple Wallet are both NFC technologies, meaning customers can pay via their phones for purchases made on the operating system.

And don’t forget PayPal, which has entered the fray with its PayPal Here technology. Offering an app and mobile card reader that can process payments from every major credit and debit card vendor, as well as from PayPal accounts.

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