digital signage with audio

Why retailers are adding audio to digital signage

Although primarily a visual medium, research suggests digital signage with audio can significantly enhance sales and advertising messages.

A survey conducted by the audio research company, Nielsen, proves that more than 40 percent of consumers make an unplanned purchase when audio is used in conjunction with digital messaging.

Like visual content, audio content needs to be varied and carefully crafted in order to carry maximum impact. And there are a range of options and techniques for amplifying sales messages and adding atmosphere and interest to retail environments.

digital signage with audio

Make a bed
A music bed – a typically soft piece of background music – adds ambience to a retail environment’s digital signage areas. Beds are less intrusive, and have the advantage over songs or ‘jingles’ in that they can work on a loop without becoming repetitive. Used in conjunction with digital signage content – whether it be advertising products or direct calls to action – beds can elicit a more emotional response in audiences. Music beds can be bought or licensed from a range of service providers, such as MusicBed.

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digital signage with audio

Calling out
Research suggests that direct calls to action, slogans and offers are more effective when customers hear them being spoken. Digital signage is fantastic at grabbing and keeping an audience’s attention, and clearly spoken call outs underpinning limited-time offers and sales offers add clarity and impact to the experience.

Atmospheric music
In the UK, you’re required to hold a PRS for Music licence to play music in public. Many retailers find this an effective means of creating in-store ambience to accompany digital signage. Cycling and sports retailers can add dynamism to video showing products in use with energetic and upbeat songs. Meanwhile, bathroom showrooms and home stores can accompany video advertising with more serene tracks to induce a sense of calm.

digital signage with audio

Adding clarity
In retail – audio can be used to highlight and explain complex products accompanying digital signage. This can be a really effective way of showing off a product’s benefits – for example in the mobile phone and tech retail sector – where a voiceover delivers additional technical specs to accompany a hero video of the product in use.

It’s obviously preferable that your digital signage hardware is multi-media enabled, as in the ASUS SD554 display, removing the need for external speakers and ensuring the display is more streamlined. Onboard media players make queuing up video and audio a much simpler to manage, and support a wide-range of multimedia file formats.

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