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A four-month research project has discovered that digital signage content is more than twice as likely to drive customer engagement than traditional print advertising – and more than 70 per cent more powerful when the right creative content is shown.

With retailers, the hospitality industry, and other markets embracing digital signage technology, research undertaken by the APS Group shows that digital signage displaying static content is 50 per cent more effective than print adverting, while animated and interactive content is more than 70 per cent more powerful.

The study surveyed the viewing habits of 1.6 million customers across two high street bank locations using eye tracking technology. One location displayed static print advertising and calls to action; while a second location, equipped with large format digital signage, displayed animated content.

The results prove what many forward-thinking retailers and restauranteurs have discovered since investing in digital signage content: that it drives customer engagement, encourages footfall, and enables them to tailor specific offers and messages to the benefit of their businesses.

Importantly, the report also conveys that such content is crucial in maximising the impact and effectiveness of any sales and marketing messages.

Animated content is undoubtedly effective, but interactive content is key. If retailers can offer customers an experience that adds to, or improves their journey, then those customers are more than twice as likely to complete a purchase in-store.

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A recent example of this was demoed at DSE16, where customers were able interact with a virtual wardrobe – using the digital display as a ‘mirror’ – to quickly try on a clothing store’s goods without having to visit the changing rooms. Other examples include customers at hair salons being able to decide what type of styling and cut to go for by ‘trying on’ different haircuts; and make-up counters in large department stores enabling women to see what types of make-up best suit their style.

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With industry figures showing that 27 per cent of purchases were made online last year – equating to £114bn of sales – the value of customer experience within the physical retail store has never been more important.

Digital signage content that is creative and interactive is both more appealing and more effective than traditional static advertising (as the APS Group research proves). But perhaps more importantly digital signage is more flexible, enabling retailers to quickly adapt their marketing messages, tailor offers, and react to their customer needs.

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