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7 innovative uses for office digital signage

office digital signage

Office digital signage solutions and large format displays are not new. In many business environments they’re now commonplace – from meeting rooms to reception areas. But what precisely do they deliver for workers and business visitors? Here we explore seven innovative ways office environments benefit from a digital signage solution.

1.  Open communication
Businesses can benefit from cutting down on all-company emails and expensive corporate posters by broadcasting key information via a digital signage network. Broadcasting company communications using signage and video has more impact, and is proven to engage staff more directly than email newsletters and printed magazines.

2. Keeping in contact
Meeting room displays can be used for video conferencing, presentations and timetabling of the space itself. Visitors to the office space are exposed to company branding and core messages, while staff can save on travel expenses by video conferencing rather than physically travelling to meetings.

office digital signage

3. Meet and greet
Reception areas are the first physical point of contact between visitors and a business. Deploying digital signage in foyers and welcome receptions means businesses can welcome guests with key messaging and branding; show off their successes; and highlight key market data.

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4. Social media buzz 
Businesses can drive important brand engagement with customers, and keep staff abreast of industry trends by broadcasting official corporate – and even senior management – social media channels. Digital signage and large format displays

office digital signage

5. Share the data
By make sales, marketing and important company performance data available to staff via digital displays and signage, businesses actively foster a sense of involvement. This in turn encourages loyalty and pride in staff roles.

6. Safety and knowledge 
From fire alarm instructions to updates on road traffic and transport disruption – keeping your staff safe and informed is one of the key strengths of a digital signage network. Calls to action are proven to be 45% clearer when delivered using digital screens.

7. Celebrating success
Make sure staff know they’re doing a good job and congratulate individuals and teams for strong performances. Engaged engaged employees improve productivity by 20-25%, so a digital signage network is can very quickly pay back its initial investment and begin contributing positively towards your business.

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