Do you need 10 Gigabit Ethernet?
MenuAlthough the original standard was published in 2002, it’s only more recently that 10 Gigabit Ethernet has started to gain traction. As the name suggests, the networking standard is 10 times faster than the current ubiquitous Gigabit Ethernet standard. But, do you really need these speeds, and what hardware do
create and protect secure passwords
Infographic: Top ways to create and protect secure passwords
As much as technology has changed over time, one thing has remained constant: we still use passwords to secure access to critical systems.
How cloud technology helps reduce admin
It's the small tasks that add up and eat away at productivity. According to a survey by Sage, administrative tasks, from chasing late payments to managing payroll, cost SMEs £35,600 and a whopping 71 days a year to manage.
How to provide secure remote access to your network with a VPN
Give remote workers the secure access to your office that they need with a powerful VPN.
How to split your business network into isolated networks with VLAN
Virtual LAN (VLAN) as its name suggests, splits a single physical network connection into two or more virtual – and completely separate – networks
Top tips to secure your Wi-Fi network
Make your wireless network more secure for regular users and guests with this run down of the top tips.
Power over Ethernet
How to deliver networking to hard-to-get locations using Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Using Power over Ethernet you can easily run networked devices in hard to access locations and areas where there is no power supply
IoT automation
Smart greenhouse shows the power of IoT automation in business
Demonstrator shows how smart networked devices offer ways for your company to save money via IoT automation using a standard WiFi connection