Power over Ethernet

How to deliver networking to hard-to-get locations using Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Ever wondered how you’re going to deploy networking equipment to a specific area in your business? Perhaps it’s an outdoor location, or maybe you’re struggling for power sockets. Either way, Power over Ethernet has your back.

This “does what it says on the tin” technology enables you to use network equipment almost anywhere. Instead of relying on batteries to keep your devices running, PoE makes it possible to deliver both a network connection and a reliable supply of power through a standard Ethernet cable.

Thanks to the fact Ethernet cables can be up to 100 metres in length, you can see how PoE can make a real difference, and if has plenty of practical uses. Deploying equipment outdoors is the obvious solution: you could deploy a network security camera to monitor the front entrance to your office, or extend your Wi-Fi network to the roof terrace. But it has uses elsewhere too – why take up more power sockets than you need when a single PoE switch could supply both power and a network connection to all the VoIP phones in your office?

The network connection also enables PoE equipment to be controlled remotely, so you can reset it or power it down without leaving your desk. It’s also a safe, tested option: you can mix and match standard network equipment with PoE devices without damaging either, and the technology delivers power intelligently to avoid overloading (or underpowering) your devices.

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