How smart displays make digital signage a breeze

Digital signage has been proven to be better than print for advertising and signage (see, four reasons why digital signage beats print for more details). But, digital signage isn’t quite as straightforward to get started with. If you’re looking for the best way to kick off your company’s digital signage strategy, the simple way is to use smart displays.

Just as with smart TVs, which have built-in apps for displaying content, smart displays have everything you need for digital signage in a simple unit. They have media playback tools, built-in speakers and can work alone or be connected to work in concert with each other (by daisy-chaining them together using their DisplayPort connections). This means your digital display can be up and working in minutes, with a clutter-free environment and a direct interface to change the content it’s showing whenever you need to.

What to look for in smart displays

When choosing you smart display, remember that these systems are likely to be on pretty much all the time. You need a monitor that can provide razor-sharp images without being prone to screen burn-in, which can lead to non-moving images or text being permanently shown on the screen over time, making a poor customer-viewing experience.

This means you need to buy monitors which are designed to last. This can mean a higher outlay at the start, but if you are after a display signage solution you won’t need to think about replacing after a year or so, it’s a sensible investment. Look for terms like ‘Industrial grade panel’ and ‘Anti-burn-in technology’ to ensure the smart monitor you are investing in is up to the 24-hour, 365-day use it is likely to be put to.

You also need to choose models with wide viewing angles. Some monitors are designed to be viewed directly from the front, so you need to ensure that customers can view your signs from whatever angle they are looking at them from. >>Read more


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