estate agents use digital signage

How digital signage is revolutionising estate agents

Buying a house is the biggest investment most people will ever make. Find out how estate agents use digital signage to help people buy their next property.

It’s a decision that involves hours of research; yet houses remain ‘personal’ purchases, swayed by impulse and first impressions. With so many factors involved, and so much information and emotive imagery to convey, it’s little surprise that successful estate agents are employing the power of digital signage to lift sales and customer interactions considerably.

While house sale listing websites offer mobile and home browsing, organising and presenting information in an audience friendly manner is what digital signage excels at. Pair this with the fact that 70 per cent of estate agent interactions still happen on the high street, according to the National Association of Estate Agents and it becomes clear the advantages digital signage brings to selling and buying houses.

estate agents use digital signage

Getting moving
The obvious advantage instore and high street-facing digital signage has over static, is the ability to display video and animated photography. This type of presentation is proven to drive higher levels of customer interactions and capture audience attention. The UK’s leading estate agent, Savills incorporated this strategy to great effect by introducing more than 70 digital signage displays to its UK stores. These run a combination of real-time property listings alongside promotional video and animations, with the ability to control UK wide promotions and localised information in unison.

Information is currency
Listings websites only offer reduced screen capacity to deliver key information on properties. Large format digital displays can, by comparison, offer multiple streams of information on several properties at once – and at a size that creates impact. Estate agents can use digital signage to parse their listings feeds, and create specific content campaigns based on location, price, number of bedrooms and other key factors. With property sales, the picture tells the story, and enabling digital signage devices to animate through several key images of a single property is further distinct advantage over static posters.

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estate agents use digital signage

Real-time data
Real-time data means that open house viewings, locations and contact details of the estate agent in charge of the sale is available to amend and update. Using touchscreen digital signage means an audience can even make a viewing booking directly from the screen. Secondary information, such as area maps, locations of schools and other amenities, as well as personalised wayfinding, are further advantages digital signage brings to the housing market. Interactive displays can even show the route to a property together with traffic updates, giving a real-time arrival time.

After the initial investment in digital signage, running costs are, compared to endlessly updates printed posters, conservative. Being able to tailor campaigns for localised information as well as national promotions puts independent estate agents on par with national brands.


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