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Five reasons for running a digital signage campaign using a stick-PC

Stick-PCs offering a full OS on a small form factor device are the perfect digital signage solution. Combining one of the growing number of stick-PCs with a large format display enables small business to reap the benefits of digital signage content.

There’s no need for a networked system of screens and discreet media player. Stick-PCs plug into the back of any large format display or HDMI-equipped TV, and offer a cost-effective way of deploying engaging content for small shops, bars and restaurants, as well as offices and meeting rooms. Here are five compelling reasons why you should consider a stick PC as an effective digital signage solution.

They’re easy to install

Digital signage solutions come in varying shapes, sizes and formats. Entire networks which run throughout a retail store involve metres of cabling, a complex installation process, and investment in a networked media server to stream content from and control settings. Not so with a stick-PC. By comparison, stick PCs are ‘plug and play’. They require an HDMI connection interface at the rear or side of the display, a power source and access to a WiFi network. With these considerations in place, it’s possible to get a digital signage campaign up and running on a large format display in minutes rather than days. The screen, power supply and stick-PC itself require adequate clearance at the rear of the display, but there’s no change in of wires into walls or suspended ceilings.


They’re a cost effective upgrade

A stick PC transforms any bespoke large format display or HDMI-equipped TV in to a digital signage display. Many retail outlets, bars, restaurants and other businesses already have a network of TVs redeploying these as digital advertising boards is cost-effective and straightforward. For TV installations displays can quickly be switched between advertising content and broadcast by simply selecting an input option on a remote. For the restaurant and bar trade, this means owners can broadcast sports and other live events when they’re on; and switch back to showing digital menu boards and offers when required.

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They offer multiple software options

Unlike a bespoke digital signage content service that charges a repeat fee, stick-PCs ship with a full OS. Windows 10, Chrome and Android are all available, via stick PCs from ASUS, Intel and others. The ASUS VivoStick PC-TS10 ships with an onboard media streamer, as part of its Windows 10 package, meaning advertising and marketing videos and other dynamic content can be readily deployed straight from the box. Intel’s Compute Stick comes preloaded with Corel’s digital signage software, which is compatible with its broader graphic design software. This enables users to create their own digital signage content on the stick-PC, and broadcast it directly. For Windows 10, apps such as SiteKiosk is available, and offers an array of content creation templates, browser skins, and even on-screen keyboards for touch-enabled displays.


They’re simple to manage

For stick-PCs packing Windows 10, Android and Chrome, there are several service apps available for controlling, managing and broadcasting. Freeware app Repeat Signage, enables users to scale text size and picture formatting remotely, and match DPI settings to individual screen resolutions. Remote GO! is an app that ships with the Windows 10 ASUS VivoStick PC-TS10. It enables you to wirelessly stream digital signage media files to the VivoStick from a smartphone, control the mini-PCs broadcasts, transfer files to and from the VivoStick, and provides access to files stored in the cloud.

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