Five industries being revolutionised by digital signage!

Digital signage is no longer considered a luxury investment – it’s a market expected to reach more than $20bn by 2020, and for many industries it is now considered a business necessity.

According to research by EmbedSignage, digital signage benefits from a recall rate of more than 80 per cent – significantly higher than traditional display media. Couple this with the increased operational efficiencies digital signage offers, together with the scalability to address multiple business needs, and the benefits of it become even clearer.

Here are five key industries undergoing a business revelation thanks to the use of digital signage:

Corporate branding – internal and external
The way your business greets its clientele is as important as the information it gives its staff and the messages it sends to its customers. In the corporate office environment, digital signage is finding a place displaying corporate communications, room booking and meeting schedules, emergency messages and information, as well as general news and industry information pertinent to the employees there.

Not only are digital displays reported to capture 400 per cent more views than static displays,  but FedEx reported research that suggested that eight out of ten customers are drawn into a store displaying digital signage, while another report suggested a base level 24 per cent increase in footfall after stores introduced digital signage.

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Hospitality and catering
Whether it’s entertainment, digital menus and display items, or customer information and branding, digital signage is revolutionsing the bar and restaurants trades. EclipseMedia found that restaurant customers spend 5 per cent more when presented with a digital menu; while EmbedSignage research indicates that 74 per cent of customers claim an easy to read menu is the top need in a dining environment.

Schools now have the ability to display announcements, timetables, emergency information and even digital menus using digital signage, allowing for fast and legible information to be delivered in real time. Digital signage also offers a scalable structure meaning, no matter how many screens the school has, it can push your data to a few or all screens with a click. Different departments, year groups and even individual classes can be controlled independently or universally.

Queue management systems have been proved to decrease patient anxiety in hospital and dental waiting rooms. Digital signage for department directions and information, as well as way-finding systems around larger institutions are already implemented, and research suggests that individual ward and patient information should be digitally displayed, decreasing the chance of lost or incorrect patient data.


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