What can digital signage and MiniPC solutions do for your business?

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When it comes to attracting and engaging audiences in shops, offices, gyms and even schools, digital signage is now proving to be the best way to do it. Survey after survey shows that modern, bright, well laid out digital signage displays are far better than older, static displays.

In order to help you make the most of this technology the Display Insights team has put together this ebook, with expert advice and guidance to take you through all the aspects of setting up digital displays or, if you have some already, to help you make the most of them.

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From expert insight on the key features to look out for in digital signage hardware and professional tips on how to run your content on multiple displays, to how to maximise your digital signage engagement, lay it out and essential tips on maximising the impact of your copy.

The 38-page guide includes:

  • The key features of large format display signage
  • Five essential digital signage tools for pro content creation
  • How to drive multiple digital signage displays
  • Maximise your digital signage engagement
  • Engage your audience with killer digital signage content
  • Run digital signage from a single Chromebox PC
  • Inspired ways to deliver digital signage content
  • Where to place your digital signage for maximum impact
  • Five do’s and don’ts for designing for digital signage
  • 7 power tips to electrify your digital signage copy