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Delivering high impact and engaging content using digital signage will gain you vital attention.
You’ve no doubt noticed the proliferation of displays appearing in retail stores and shopping malls, events and exhibitions, foyers and meeting rooms. And that’s the key factor: you notice them. Digital signage – sometimes referred to as dynamic signage – isn’t new, but as solutions become cheaper and the content easier to make, it’s becoming an essential way of engaging people as they go about their daily lives, at work and at play.

It’s easy to think of these displays as the natural digital progression from analogue billboards and posters, but they’re so much more powerful. The combination of words, diagrams, maps, animation and video makes them an incredibly effective means of getting your message across – whether that’s advertising a product, providing information, helping visitors find their way, communicating with staff or simply raising your company profile.

While the initial investment in digital signage systems continues to fall, the benefits are both attractive and wide-ranging.

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As a communication tool digital signage is invaluable: it enables you to broadcast specific information in a way that’s difficult to ignore, with a message tailored to your audience, at times that are most relevant. Even a single sign can cater for varying demographics at different times, or can be used for a range of purposes depending on your needs that day.

Recent research points to the effectiveness of digital signage, not only in terms of an increase in business, but brand awareness, visitor satisfaction and employee productivity.

Digital signage is incredibly flexible. It can be used for a whole range of uses, such as product advertising, sales offers and promotions, maps and guidance, company logos and brand awareness, timetables and menus, meetings and event schedules, news and RSS feeds, video and live TV. You can even combine several of these elements on a single screen to provide a number of functions. For example, a store might have a promotional offer next to a video of the product in use, while a company foyer can have live news running along with a ticker-tape of share prices. And, of course, you can update the design and content as often as you like.

Discover the digital signage that could help your business stand out from the crowd

Not only do you have complete control over content, you can exercise that control at any time. If new stock arrives in the morning, you can advertise it or offer a promotion that afternoon; if an event is changed or cancelled, you can alert people within minutes, and have that information relayed to every display on your system. And, with the right setup, it can even be done remotely.

A key factor with digital signage is the ability to schedule content in advance. It’s a simple task to queue up your slides or video, and then set a time for each element to go live, which is ideal for a café menu, exhibit times, groups of visitors, timed promotional offers, and so on.

Another benefit of digital signage is its scalability. If you only have a small store or business, then fine: invest in single display and use a USB stick to deliver your content. Then as your business grows, so you can add more displays, deliver content over a cable or Wi-Fi network, and add a dedicated delivery system.

Depending on the type and scale of your business, you can also partner your digital signage with a mobile offering, offering anything from on-screen QR codes up to a sophisticated indoor positioning system, delivering information direct to mobile phones.

Affordability and RoI
The issue of scalability also impacts on the affordability of digital signage and its RoI. It’s easy to begin your digital signage initiative with a fairly moderate investment, and with the right content you’ll immediately start driving sales, generating ad revenue or benefitting from improved efficiencies. Digital signage also removes the cost of print-based materials and the wastage that incurs.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll provide everything you need to make an informed buying decision about a digital signage system, then help you create and deliver great content to make the most of your investment.


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