digital signage predictions
5 reasons why 2017 will be a game-changing year for digital signage
It looks like 2017 is going to be the year of some game-changing tech. So we've rounded up some of the advances we're most looking forward to seeing in 2017.
Chrome for Meetings
Chrome for Meetings is the perfect video conferencing solution
Here's why the introduction of Chrome for Meetings means there’s now a powerful, low-cost, simple to run online meetings tool for business.
outdoor digital signage
Three ways to deliver outdoor digital signage campaigns with impact
With a range of weather-proofing solutions available for large format digital displays, outdoor digital signage is no longer just the preserve of dedicated providers and advertising agencies.
Chrome digital signage apps
Seven powerful Chrome digital signage apps
When it comes to creating content for your digital signage one of the easiest ways to do it is with Chrome digital signage apps
Large gaming screen
The best way to connect digital signage
It’s vital that if you’re considering running digital signage you select the right connections for the job. Read our expert guide to each of the options.
Five reasons for running a digital signage campaign using a stick-PC
Stick-PCs offering a full OS on a small form factor device are the perfect digital signage solution.
large format displays in cinemas
Cinema screening with large format displays
Movie chains are using large format displays in cinemas within foyers and outside auditoriums as point of sale devices for infotainment and advertising
Driving digital signage with mini-PCs
Mini-PCs are the perfect option for businesses that recognise the value of large format digital displays, but don’t have the need nor budget to invest in a full network of screens.
Chromebit micro PC
Powering digital signage from a Chromebit micro PC
Discover how Google’s Chromebit micro PC devices are delivering powerful digital signage solutions to businesses for less than £100
small form factor PC
Run digital signage from a single Chromebox PC
Run the best content on your digital signage displays by using a powerful, feature-rich small form factor PC