Chrome for Meetings

Chrome for Meetings is the perfect video conferencing solution

Over the course of the last decade, video conferencing has become an everyday standard, but it can be expensive, which is where Chrome for Meetings comes in. Now you can have a powerful, low-cost, simple to run online meetings tool available quickly and easily.

Chrome for Meetings

Chrome for Meetings is, in essence, an all-in-one mini PC that combines the power of Google+ Hangouts and Google’s suite of standard business and learning apps. With affordable hardware bundles, like the ASUS CN62 that packs in an HD camera and table-top microphones. Pair this with a large format digital display, such as an ASUS ST558, and you have a powerful low-cost video-conferencing option.

Chrome for Meetings

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Why it works
The real power of the Chrome for Meetings service is in its collaboration options. Enabling connections to up to 15 simultaneous video sessions anywhere in the world is a huge bonus. But being able to share presentation slides, spreadsheets and other documents is where it really excels as a video conferencing option.

With a simple HDMI link and direct set-up wizard, installation is far more straightforward than a complex and bespoke video conferencing solution. Chrome for Meetings can be started by remote control, or via any other linked Chrome device, such as a Chromebox Micro PC or linked touchscreen Chrome device – so no more complex dial-ins.

Chrome for Meetings

There are hardware options available for larger meeting spaces, with more microphones and 1080p cameras packing features that include lossless zoom, panning and tilting and with a wider field of view; but there are also smaller desktop options available such as the ASUS Chromebox for Meetings.

Who’s using it
Companies and charities including Toyota, Netflix and Pinterest have subscribed to Chromebox for Meetings as a video conferencing tool. The Chrome for Meetings website includes some great case studies extolling the power of collaborative video conferencing. Pinterest in particular makes use of the service for its 400-plus employees, enabling them to collaborate from all over the world and even conducting job interviews. As Matt Thorne, Head of IT at Pinterest says: “The price was right, which is important for a young company. While legacy video conferencing systems can cost millions, we’ve spent a small fraction of that with Chromeboxes.”

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