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Boost business collaboration with a smart huddle room

With office space often at a premium, and with most offices being open plan, using smaller meeting spaces to brainstorm and have spontaneous meetings with groups of two to four people is becoming the norm. Spending a quick five minutes in a huddle room with a couple of colleagues away from the busy main office is a great way to ensure everyone is up to speed and communicating.

Working in this way is good for collaboration and should be encouraged, but you can make a huddle room even more cost-effective and useful by fitting them out with a simple, but professional, video-conferencing suite. Suddenly, what was a small space of limited use, is now a meeting room which could be used to bring disparate teams, customers or suppliers together, without the need to book out any larger meeting or conference rooms.

Face-to-face conversation

The advantages of a video-conferencing system are clear – you get to see the people you are talking to face to face, wherever they are in the world, allowing you to pick up on body language during negotiations in a way which isn’t possible on the phone. You also get to easily share digital content, and have no (or reduced) travel costs for meetings, but the reason video conferencing really works in huddle rooms is that the intimate space and the small number of people involved makes the conversation flow a lot more naturally.

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