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Run digital signage from a single Chromebox PC

From single store retailers to high street restaurant and coffee chains, networked small form factor PCs are being used to drive digital signage displays. Yet choosing a combination of display and small form factor PC that suits your businesses’ particular needs is vitally important in order to deliver the right type of content to your customers.

Quality counts
Many lower-quality digital signage offerings are operated via rudimentary DVD and media players, hooked up directly to the rear of the display. For more dynamic content, pairing a small form factor PC with an OPS (Open Pluggable Specification) module such as the ASUS SD554-YB makes for superior content delivery. Content can be directly and dynamically updated from a networked source, such as a small form factor PC like an ASUS Chromebox, which is a compact yet powerful Chrome computer featuring a 5th generation Intel processor.


Out of the box
Chromeboxes like the ASUS Chromebox CN62 can be set up in kiosk mode to support the Google Admin Management Console, which enables these small form factor PCs to control the content that is dynamically streamed to each networked digital signage display. A specialist ASUS dealer can help you decide which options are best for your particular needs and help you set-up a bespoke digital signage solution – so talk to one today.

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Cool running
Small form factor PCs like the ASUS Chrombox store content in the cloud – in fact, combined with lightning-fast 802.11ac Wi-Fi, the ASUS CN62 offers 100GB of Google Drive space with each purchase, free for two years. Any Chrome device can power a digital signage display, but options like the ASUS Chromebox CN62 pack a raft of further benefits, including super silent running at just 17dB of noise at idle, and 31dB at full power (that’s quieter than a typical library). Power consumption is also a prime consideration, and the Chromebox CN62 draws just 6W when idle, making it more efficient than an LED lightbulb.

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4K control
Some models of ASUS’ Chromebox support 4K/UHD playback – meaning your digital signage content will really make an impact upon your customers. Utilising one of the many online signage delivery apps, like SignSimple and RiseVision for example, businesses using an ASUS Chromebox can ‘set and forget’  their display solutions.

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